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ZELU is the expert in PU systems and adhesives. For more than 125 years our company has stood for chemical products of the highest quality.

In 2017, visitors representing various industries will once again have the opportunity to talk to our experts face-to-face and learn more about our customised solutions.

Zelu will present its precision adhesives for upholstered furniture and mattress production as well as PU foams for the furniture industry from 16 to 19 May 2017 at Interzum, the world’s leading industry trade fair.

As a participant in the PSE Europe 2017 (International Exhibition for Polyurethane Solutions) in Munich from 27 to 29 June 2017, Zelu will be present to offer advice and share information on our customised polyurethane systems. 

From 17 to 21 October 2017, Zelu will be available to meet with visitors to Fakuma, the international trade fair for plastics processing, and offer them information on polyurethane systems and adhesives.

We look forward to both the engaging conversation and the opportunity to make contact with the many professional trade fair visitors!    

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ZELU is a dynamic family-run business. We welcome all employees who want to make an active contribution to our company with their commitment and skills. In return we offer ideal working conditions – excellent morale, close teamwork, diversified range of activities, flexible working hours, intensive training and performance-related salaries.

Couldn’t find the vacancy you were looking for? Then feel free to send us a speculative application including a cover letter, CV and references to We look forward to hearing from you.

ZELU in numbers


1 April was the date ZELU was founded as Weil & Eichert AG


More than 300 customers use our products


Our portfolio includes over 700 tailor-made products


New production technology for hot melt adhesives was introduced at ZELU


export countries are supplied by ZELU




Adhesives connect. Efficiently and permanently . ZELU develops tailor-made solutions for your specific needs. With specially developed adhesive systems proven in practice. Finely tuned to the demands of both material and construction. For applications ranging from premium car interiors to the manufacturing of comfortable mattresses. ZELU has the solution.

Fields of application and properties

  Water-based Hotmelt Solvent-based
Automotive / Rail x x x
Furniture x x x
Mattresses x x x
Filtration x x
Construction x x

Product features:

  • Hotmelt: flexible, odorless, emission-free
  • Water-based adhesives: good resistance to thermal distortion, easy to use, heat activated
  • Solvent-based adhesives: chlorine-free solvents, short airing times, sprayable




Hotmelt Adhesives (PDF, 0.5MB)
Solvent-Based Ahesives (PDF, 0.5MB)
Water-Based Adhesives (PDF, 0.5MB)

PU systems

PU systems are incredibly versatile and require a high level of expertise. ZELU offers you tailor-made solutions from soft to hard. With customizable processing specifications such as rapid cycle times, high processing stability and good flowability. Ensuring ease of use and efficient production for a huge range of applications in the automotive, filtration or furniture industries. ZELU has the solution.

Fields of application

  Soft/viscoelastic foam Integral foam Semi-rigid foam Filter foam Rigid foam Casting systems
Automotive / Rail x
Filtration x x x
Furniture x x x
Recreation x x x x
Construction x x

Product features:

  • Soft/viscoelastic foam: high elasticity to viscoelastic, low shrinkage, flame-retardant
  • Integral/semi-rigid foam: flame retardant, tintable, good surface finish 
  • Filter foam: high-density, high-tensile strength, long lifespan
  • Rigid foam: good thermal insulation, fine-celled, dimensionally stable 
  •  Casting systems: chemical-resistant, variable rigidity, reliable


Casting Systems (PDF, 0.5MB)
Filter Foam (PDF, 0.5MB)
Integral-Foams / Semi-Rigid Foams (PDF, 0.5MB)
Rigid Foams    (PDF, 0.5MB)
Soft Foams / Viscoelastic Foams (PDF, 0.5MB)

The quality at ZELU stems from responsibility. We use only carefully selected raw materials from qualified suppliers in Europe and Asia. Using product-specific incoming tests we check every raw material before it is released for use in production. Everything is subject to outgoing controls to help us maintain the quality of our products at a consistently high level. This has been the case for many years. Thus we can guarantee our customers reliable production and processes. That’s what ZELU stands for.


Roger Bakowski
Managing Director

Before his appointment as Managing Director of ZELU in 2016, Roger Bakowski spent almost 30 years as a trained industrial and business manager in various leading positions and departments at Bayer, also abroad, and as the Managing Director of a polyurethane systems house. His areas of expertise lie primarily in polyurethane systems and thermoplastic polyurethanes.

Dr. Knut Chmil
Head of Production, Technology and HSEQ

Dr. Knut Chmil has more than 20 years of international experience in leading positions in the synthetics manufacturing industry. Since 2016, he has been  responsible for the Production and Technology, Quality Assurance, Quality Management and Occupational Safety departments at ZELU. He is also in charge of HSEQ at our affiliated company Wevo-Chemie.

Dr. Peter Gräter
Head of Development and Technical Sales

As a Doctor of Chemistry, Dr. Peter Gräter switched to ZELU in 2015 from his position as laboratory head at our affiliated company Wevo-Chemie. Prior to this he worked for many years in a leading position in the polyurethane industry – as head of development for polyurethane foams, casting resins, adhesives, etc.